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Online Presence

Customers look for you online. If you’re not there they lose confidence and you lose sales. But you need more than just a website: you need a total online presence where your brand is recognized, promoted and protected. We do online.

We make clear who you are, where you’re at, what you do and why it matters.

An online presence creates customer loyalty and new business.

Small Business Solution

You focus time, effort and money on running your business. That’s important, but so is online marketing.

Managing domains, websites, hosting, SEO, Social Media and online reputation can be tough. And very time consuming.

So do what you do best—run your business—and let us build your online presence from the ground up. Problem solved.

Does my business really need this?

You may wonder why you need an online presence and if so, we’re wondering a few things ourselves, such as:

Do you need a phone? Or a business sign? Does it need to be seen from the road? Should it be accurate? Do you need the cost of print, radio and television ads? Do you need a good name in the community? Do you need loyal customers? Do you need to grow your brand? Do you need to stay in business?

Domain Name

Are you overwhelmed trying to pick a domain? We’ll help you create a name that’s descriptive and memorable: one that connects to your brand.

We also offer a trustee service for name registrations (including private domain registrations), where you own the name and we administer it as your fiduciary.

Website Engineering

The crux of the matter is your website, and our emphasis is your data, presented well. We create attractive sites that are functional and standards-compliant, including websites for mobile devices.

From complex ecommerce portals to simple 1-page brochures, your site will look good and work well.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tailors your site to be indexed well. Strong SEO yields a high Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in places like Google and Bing.

We prepare SEO to attain a Page 1 SERP, above the fold, via organic results in an “unpersonalized” search. (In other words, your website will be seen.)
SAO nav left SAO nav right

Social Media

Social Media is critical to your success. It’s where your customers talk about you; good and bad. It’s where you live or die.

Google+, Facebook, Twitter and more; we interface your site to the marketplace of ideas. We list you in top business directories and include you in industry review sites.

Online Reputation Management

One bad remark can ruin your good name, prevent a sale and halt your growth. A negative review will travel the world on Facebook, but we can help. Reputation management is like having a dedicated PR firm protect your brand. We proactively build your online identity. We also perform aggressive damage control on a case-by-case basis (separate fee).


We handle hosting too. We’ll manage your website’s quota, bandwidth, uptime, server configuration, email access, maintenance updates, user accounts, security patches and… you get the idea. There’s a lot to it. We provide the resources your online business needs, which includes the choice of a server closest to your customer.


We create portrait quality images and photo-based art to vividly convey the essence of your business. From stately corporate to unassumingly relaxed (or some point in between), it’s covered.

We capture the ambiance of your location, the unique appeal of your service and the incomparable quality of your product line.


Video is powerful. It teaches, promotes, refreshes and entertains. Unlike life, it may be paused, reviewed in full or played again. On demand.

We shoot high-definition video, on-location, and can provide your business with promotional video, product or employee training, event video and online commercials.


We help you take your product or service to online video outlets like YouTube, to increase your exposure, recognition and sales.

Need something more tangible? A DVD is often the solution. We will author a DVD for your business, so you can literally put your message into your clients’ hands and keep it there.

Copy Writing

Sometimes you know what you want to say, but struggle with the delivery. We understand. We write copy that correctly identifies your business, accurately targets your customer and strongly communicates your message.

We don’t overshadow your ideas, we enhance them. Language is one more tool we employ to ensure your success.

What’s The Cost?

Work begins on initial fee ($250 to $2,500). On completion, a monthly rate covers ongoing services ($50 to $500). These are very general estimates.

This covers

site design, routine updates, social media, online reputation, server updates, domain fees

all of the services your business needs.

Okay, What’s The Catch?

There is no catch. We establish your online presence when you don’t have time to do it yourself. With the current economy, someone has to take a risk to start things—that’s us. Instead of one huge payment, pay small monthly rates. Now, any business can succeed online without large investments, just like this Chinese restaurant has done.

Sounds Good. How Long Will It Be?

Give us 2 to 8 weeks, and in turn we’ll give you a great web presence.

Please understand each project is unique however, and timely completion depends on 1) how quickly and easily we communicate back and forth, 2) the complexity of your requirements, and 3) our current workload.

Do You Register Domains?

Yes. You can manage your domain or we can do it for you. If you prefer us to handle it, we’ll register the name and manage it on your behalf as a trustee. You will be listed as the Registrant of Record—you own it.

We also offer several registration levels, based on privacy and marketing goals.

Can My Registration Be Private?

Every business owner has marketing and privacy needs. To meet yours, we’ll isolate your domain from your identity giving you online protection. We can advertise your business name, location and contact data too. Your domain can also be guarded against accidental expiration.

(See registration levels at left.)

What About Hosting?

Our managed hosting is robust and flexible. For instance, you can choose a geographic region closest to your customer base to host your website, such as North America, Europe or Asia.

If you need “green” hosting, we can serve your website from an EPA-Recognized, green power partner.

Will Google See My Website?

Yes. We build SEO into every site so search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing will index your pages accurately for keywords that relate to your brand. We publish solid, descriptive content using whitehat methods. We also optimize your site for geographical searches, which is especially critical for established brick and mortar businesses.

Will I Know Who Visits My Site?

Of course. We use enterprise-class analytics by Google to track your visitors, where they come from and how they interact with your site. We monitor traffic sources, keyword usage and more.

We’ll email recurring reports as often as you like so you can monitor and trend your website’s traffic patterns.

How Do You Handle Updates?

Most website updates are made within 24 hours, but highly detailed changes can take much longer.

Minor styling or content edits are free. However, new functionality or major logic changes are not included in the monthly maintenance fee, and will be negotiated separately.

Which Browsers Will Work?

Your website will be designed for acceptable, consistent rendering in the most popular browsers used by the majority of site visitors (see list at left).

If your project requires us to support older browsers—these have obsolete technology—we will negotiate additional fees to do so.

What Tools Do You Use?

As few as possible. We hand-code using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to design your site and build its functionality. We employ open source libraries, and use mature, stable JavaScript frameworks.

When the project calls for it, we’ll use PHP and PERL for processing and development server side.

What About Your Camera Gear?

We shoot your video using a JVC HD100 camcorder. The Fujinon lens allows us to get very creative.

Photography is easily handled with the image-stabilized zoom lens we hang off our Nikon D40. It permits us to shoot in and out of doors equally well, in a variety of settings.

Name Creation

Website Design



Copy Writing

Name Creation. We suggested a domain that reflects the brick and mortar business, with a “dot com” extension, as this is still the traditional Internet gold standard for branding. The domain contains a keyword reinforcing the primary function of the business—serving Chinese cuisine. Composed of three words that fit well together, the domain is not so long as to be unwieldy, and not so short as to be vague. “” is memorable, specific and easy to recite. It ties in well to the established restaurant, making it an excellent online brand.
Website Design. An attractive, data-accessible site was created. Key information (phone number, hours of operation, street address) is available in 1 click. The interactive map includes a large street view picture, and hours of operation show greeting messages based on visitor’s date and time. To navigate the 170-item menu, we designed an interface where customers can view only the food they’re interested in ordering. Entrées may be sorted by price, filtered by ingredient or grouped together for easy comparison.
Photography. We reveal the business location, the interior decor and seating, and the ample parking lot. A restaurant’s cleanliness is important, so images of the food preparation area are also included. The site’s interface and background use photo-based art, while an image gallery highlights the dining atmosphere.

(Select a thumbnail below to scroll and zoom an image.)
SEO. The restaurant is readily found when searched for by name, location or type of business. Our SEO allows the online brand to enjoy a page 1 SERP under a variety of appropriate keywords. The business is located in a small city, yet ranks quite well against competitors in its greater metropolitan area.

(Click an icon below to check live SEO.)
Copy Writing. English is not the manager’s primary language, so we took his thoughts and put them into verbiage that connects with the average American reader. For example, this business is an allergy-friendly establishment that avoids cross-contamination. Those terms, however, may carry a negative connotation. We suggested text that explains the safety standards employed by the restaurant without risking the use of emotionally-charged phrases, and without singling out customers having dietary needs.


DVD Authoring

Copy Writing

Videography. We produced widescreen HD video for Scott’s campaign shooting on-location, in and out of doors, and presented it in monolog and Q&A formats. Deliverables included candid interviews, commercials, roundtable talks and YouTube spots.

(Click an icon below to watch a sample video.)
DVD Authoring. Scott needed media to give to contributors, supporters, staff and voters. We assembled a comprehensive, single-source DVD that accomplished several goals. It 1) discusses the candidate’s position on issues and proposed solutions, 2) unifies staff on campaign vision and direction, and 3) serves as a resource for future men and women wishing to change politics.
Copy Writing. Scott wrote the website content. His points are clear, forceful and betray a warm homespun eloquence. In a few instances run-on sentences, fragments and comma splices disturbed the strength of his delivery. We edited his texts for grammatical accuracy without sacrificing the candidate’s direct and candid style.

Tell Us What You Need

Please fill out the form with your name, email and how you discovered us. Or call the number at page bottom.

We need to have a good idea of your business plans, what you wish to accomplish online and which services you intend to use, like domain registration, hosting, reputation management and so on. When it comes to your website, please be specific about your service or product, your goals and your customers.

An agent will make contact with you.

Case Officer On Duty

Mac McMeans headshot
An Internet Presence Will:

• Embody Your Brand

• Inspire Current Customers

• Attract New Business

• Make Your Product or Service
Available 24 / 7 / 365
A Complete Online Solution:

• Name Registration and Hosting

• Website Design / Redesign

• SEO and Social Media

• Reputation Management

• You Remain Focused on Business
Ignore the Internet and...

• Lose Opportunity to Reach
at Least 875 Million People

• Miss out on Targeting a full
87% of Your Market

• Become a Target for Another
Site to Manipulate Your Brand

• Realize Zero Online Revenues
While Competitors Keep Growing
Registering a Domain:

• Tie Name to Brand

• Memorable and Recognizable

• Dependable Trustee Service

• Domain Registered in Your Name

• Private Domain Registrations
Designing a Site:

• Data is First Thing (Not the
Only Thing)

• Creative Presentation

• Highly Usable, Clean Interface

• Brochure Site or Full E-commerce

• Multi-browser Ready
Respecting the Search Engine:

• Only “Whitehat” Techniques Used

• Initial SEO / SEO Redesign

• Not on Page 1? You Don’t Exist

• Long Tail Keyword Analysis for
Content and Density
Honoring the Community:

• You Live or Die on Facebook

• People Only Trust Their Peers

• Get Local: List in Google places,
Yahoo! and Bing

• Register in User-Reviewed Sites,
and Trade & Industry News
Enhancing Your Influence:

• Monitor Your Image and Brand

• Preemptively Guard Your Identity
Against a Bad Reputation

• Mitigate Negative Reviews,
Comments, Website Links and Listings

• Aggressive Damage Control
(on Individual Basis at Extra Cost)
Managing Your Webserver:

• We Get You Online and Keep
You There

• Stable, Secure and Fast

• Space and Bandwidth as Needed

• Choose Server Location Closest
to Your Customer (US, UK or Asia)
Our Photography:

• Capture Your Business Ambiance

• Showcase Your Product Line or

• Display Professional Corporate

• Vibrant Photo-based Art
Our Videography:

• Deliver SD or HD Video

• Progressive 720/24p and 720/30p

• Easily Shoot On-location

• Promotional or Event Video

• Online Commercials
Our Presentation:

• Your Message Viewed by Millions
with Online Video

• Make it Unique, Make it Personal

• DVD Authoring

• We can Use Your Existing Source
Video in Your Project
Our Writing:

• Proof and Clean Your Original Copy

• Deliver Clear, Emphatic Prose

• Engage Target Audience

• Turn Up the Volume and
Persuade For Action
We Cut Costs:

• Small Initial Startup Fee

• No Large Capital Investment

• Easy Monthly Fees

• Actual Price Depends on
Simplicity of Requirements

• Free SEO Included in New Website
We Support You:

• We Respect Small Business Owners

• We Enable the Entrepreneur

• We Appreciate Having to Operate
on Tight Margins

• We Manage Every Facet of Your
Online Presence for You
We Work Quickly:

• We Communicate Well to Get Your
Site up Fast

• Personal and Responsive

• Easy Projects Completed in Days

• Your Particular Requirements
Determine Startup Time
We Register Domains:

• We Register a Name in 100%
Safety as Your Trustee

• You Always Own Your Domain

• We Manage the Technical Details

• Private Registrations Available, as
well as Advertising Options
• OFFICIAL USE: Advertise Your Business,
no Privacy Protection

• CONFIDENTIAL: Protect Your Identity,
no Business Advertising

• SECRET: Both Privacy and Advertising

• TOP SECRET: Privacy, Advertising and
Domain Expiration Protection

• NONE: No Protection, no Advertising
We Host The Globe:

• Host Near Your Target Customer,
with Servers in the US, UK & Asia

• 100% Green Powered Webservers

• We Manage Server Configuration,
Updates and Security
We Optimize Your Site:

• SEO = Good Site Design

• Google will List Your Website
Quickly and Correctly

• Top Directories will Index Your
Content Accurately

• Your Business Location Optimized
for Geographical Searches
We Track Your Visitors:

• Referring Sites

• Successful Keywords

• Website Interaction

• We Report to You Daily, Weekly
Monthly or Quarterly
We Keep You Current:

• Simple Text Edits Completed
Within 24 Hours at No Cost

• Major Site Updates and Changes
Take Longer and are Billed Separately

• Clear Communication and Realistic
Our Supported Browsers:

• Google Chrome 38
• Mozilla FireFox 33
• MS Internet Explorer 10, 11
• Apple Safari 5.0
• Opera 25

Obsolete browsers:
• MS Internet Explorer 9
• MS Internet Explorer 8 Google Chrome Mozille FireFox Internet Explorer 10, 11 Apple Safari Opera Internet Explorer 9 Internet Explorer 8
Our Software Tools:

• Hand-code Using HTML 5 and

• No Dependency on Products like
Frontpage or Dreamweaver

• Use Robust JavaScript Frameworks
like JQuery/Prototype

• PHP & PERL on Apache Servers
Our “Hardware” Tools:

• JVC GY-HD100U(A) ProHD 3-CCD
Camcorder with 16:1 Fujinon Lens

• Nikon D40 DSLR
with Nikon 18-200mm VR Lens
Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant (Fairborn, OH)
Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant ornament

This business has served Greater Dayton and Wright-Patterson AFB with award-winning Asian Fusion and American-Chinese since 1989.

Rupert For Senate (Mechanicsburg, OH)
Declare Your Independence logo

A non-party, grassroots candidate runs for Ohio’s U.S. Senate and urges common men and women to get involved and “change the way politics is done.”

Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant (Fairborn, OH)
Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant ornament

This restaurant is an icon of Fairborn eateries. Established in 1989, it is well-known and has been operating in the same location for  years.

This business has never used a website. It’s advertising channels were simply word of mouth referrals, chance encounters, third-party web listings over which the owner has no control and lastly, outrageously-priced yellow pages print ads.

The customer sought a complete online presence, from the ground up. This included the ability to attract and monitor new visitors, and the elimination of existing advertising.

Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant (Fairborn, OH)
Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant ornament

The customer needed name creation, hosting, photography, and a website themed loosely around the restaurant’s interior. The site required a location map, image gallery and hours of operation showing realtime status messages.

The restaurant serves over 170 items. We were tasked to create an online menu, searchable via presets or free text. Menu data must respond to dynamic filtering, sorting and grouping based on several criteria; and data subsets must be selectable, allowing users to make customized “personal” menus.

The manager is a native Chinese speaker. He needed his English texts edited for grammar, technical accuracy and idiomatic precision.

Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant (Fairborn, OH)
Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant ornament
Flying Tiger Chinese interior foyer thumbnail Flying Tiger Chinese dining room table thumbnail Flying Tiger Chinese interior dining wing thumbnail Flying Tiger Chinese parking lot thumbnail Flying Tiger Chinese kitchen food prep thumbnail
Live SEO for Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant #1 Live SEO for Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant #2 Live SEO for Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant #3 Live SEO for Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant #4 Live SEO for Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant #5

Google Search: Fairborn Chinese

Google Search: Fairborn Chinese Lunch

Google Search: Dayton Chinese Dinner

Google Search: Flying Tiger Chinese

Google Search: Flying Tiger

Rupert for Senate (Mechanicsburg, OH)
Declare Your Independence logo

Scott Rupert is a political maverick. A true non-party independent, he identifies with the 40% of voters who fall outside two-party politics. Convinced our government needs a common man to put common sense back into it, the Constitution is his platform. State sovereignty is his first plank. He believes everyday men and women are suited for high office over career politicians.

The candidate requested proofreading services and a complete website redesign. He also required a serious video commitment from us.

Rupert for Senate (Mechanicsburg, OH)
Declare Your Independence logo

Scott’s political campaign required exhaustive video production. The results had to be integrated into a redesigned site allowing visitors to search issues and view corresponding video segments. Scott also needed us to author a promotional DVD suitable for presenting to voters, supporters and staff.

Portions of Scott’s website contained casual language “street grammar” requiring edits for brevity and punctuation.

Rupert for Senate (Mechanicsburg, OH)
Declare Your Independence logo

We delivered engaging video, and provided comprehensive DVD authoring and copy writing services. We also designed a new campaign website.

Scott Rupert: Return to the Constitution video Scott Rupert: Second Amendment video Scott Rupert: Due Process for the Unborn video Scott Rupert: Speech at Bowling Green State University video Scott Rupert: Frank Thoughts at Home video
What’s your cover?

Who divulged us to you?
Webcraft & intelligence needs:
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Mac McMeans:

    I am a “Full Stack Web Developer,”
meaning I do design, markup, styling,
behavior and programming, as well as
user interfaces and databases. I shoot
HD video and portrait photography,
and can bring all these together to
promote your business.
    I am versatile and ferociously
dedicated to your online success. You
can reach me with the form, or via
the number at page bottom.

Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant foyer
Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant dining room table
Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant dining wing
Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant parking lot
Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant kitchen

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